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Magic Juan releases his latest single “La Musa”

The Urbano icon Magic Juan is releasing his latest single “La Musa,” available today on all digital platforms, and accompanied by a music video available his YouTube channel Magic Juan. The Spanglish single deals thematically with a love where a woman is so adored and influential to her partner that she’s his muse.

A love song, “La Musa” incorporates rap and sung verses, showcasing Magic Juan’s versatility being one of the first Urbano artists to mix rap and R&B. The single was produced by Hugo30 and Guajiro of Palma Productions, who have collaborated with big names in the industry including Messiah, Miky Woodz, Bryant Myers, and Neutro Shorty, among others, and was recorded in Medellin, Colombia, mixing Caribbean Soul and Urban beats. The music video was directed by Nerdy Rebel, who has worked with 50 Cent and Tory Lanez, among others, which depicts the artist and his muse, emphasizing loves simplicity.

Magic Juan has been an influential figure in the mixing of Latin genres with American music, from his beginnings when he mixed merengue and rap. The artist is currently on a worldwide tour, which began in September in Miami, and will continue through the rest of the year including stops in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand, among other places.